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Here at the Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona Bureau of Moorish Affairs, we are guided and commanded by our core principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice. Inspired by the great  ALLAH, our Divine forefathers/mothers, all Divine chieftains, warriors, prophets and the prophet of these last days and times, The Honorable Noble Drew Ali.

As a tribal agency for the Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Tirbe (Muurs), the Bureau of Moorish Affairs (Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona) are the only tribal government agency in the United States of America that is focusing on truly uplifting humanity.

Our mission is to take our rightful place in the affairs of men, uplift humanity and to preserve the history and culture of the noble Washitaw-Choctaw Indians (Muurs) who existed since time in memoriam on these American lands prior to Troglodyte colonization. The Washitaw-Choctaw Indians (Muurs) are an advanced civilization that has been identified as the ancient ones, the geophysical mound builders, Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah and Choctaw Nation. Washitaw-Choctaw Indians (Muurs) are the original inhabitants occupying what is now the Southeastern United States ( Alabama, Florida, Missisippi, Louisianna, Tennesse, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Kansas etc) including Arizona. Around 2000 years ago the Washitaw-Choctaws Indian (Muurs) built a great mound (Nanih Waiya) located in central Mississippi. The Washitaw-Choctaw coalesced as a people and developed  distinct political and geographical divisions: Eastern, Western and Southern. These distinct groups created independent alliances with nearby European governments, which included the French, based in the Gulf Coast and Louisiana; the English of the Southeast and the Spanish of the Florida’s and Louisiana.

The Washitaw-Choctaw Indians (Wichita) participated in the Comache-led raid on the mission Santa Cruz de San Saba in 1758 and raided San Antonio on many occasions. Many of the descendants that took part in this raid settled near present day Anadarko, Oklahoma.

During the War of 1812 and the Red Stick War, Washitaw-Choctaw Indian (Muurs) fought as U.S. allies and notably at the Battle of New Orleans. The Washitaw-Choctaw Indians have never waged war against the United States but were forcibly removed form their ancient lands and relocated during 1831-1833, as part of the indian removal act, so the United States may take over their land for development of European Settlments.

During the 19th century, the Washitaw-Choctaw people were classified by European Settlments (United States) as one of the five civilized tribes. The Washitaw-Choctaw and the United States agreed to nine treaties. Washitaw-Choctaw were the first Native American Tribe to be forced off their land under the Indian Removal Act. Washitaw-Choctaw negotiated the largest desirable land in Indian Territory (Indian Country) continuing their three diststrict government. Each with it’s own chieftain, whom together with the town chiefs sat on their own National Council (Tribal Council). They appointed a Washitaw-Choctaw Delegate to represent them to the U.S. government in Washington, D.C.

The Washitaw-Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma once did not  considered the Mississippi Washitaw-Choctaw as part of the Washitaw-Choctaw Nation. At the turn of the 20th century the Washitaw-Choctaw Nation’s stance was legally challenged and in 1978, the U.S. Supreme Court held that all remnants of the Choctaw Nation are entitled to all rights of the federally recognized Nation.

During the aftermath of the Dawes Act in the late 19th century, the U.S. sought to dissolve tribal governments in order to extinguish Native American land claims and admit Native Americans and Oklahoma territories as a state in 1907.

Washitaw-Choctaw soldiers were the first Native Americans during World War 1 to serve in the U.S. military as codetalkers, using the Washitaw-Choctaw language. During the IRA (Indian Reorganization Act) of 1934, Washitaw-Choctaw Nation kept our culture alive despite years of pressure to assimilate.

The Washitaw-Choctaw Indian (Muurs) and the  United States signed the Washington Treay of 1866 and the U.S. has continued to recognized Wahitaw-Choctaw Indian Tribe (Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona/Bureau of Moorish Affairs) as an indigenous people of North America and Tribal Government.

April 20th, 1945, Washitaw-Choctaw Indians were organized under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Tribe (Muurs) are Paleo-Hebrew Indian Moslems, which have a secret covenant with the mother father  of the universe ALLAH and are one of the 13 Tribes of Israel. Over the centuries, Washitaw-Choctaw Indians have survived as a tribe. To this day, we have managed to retain our language, culture, and religion despite outside influences from the world.

By assisting individuals with developing competency, god-fidence (confidence), professional, and personal skills, the Bureau of Moorish Affairs/Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona will enable member-citizens in becoming sub-sufficient members and leaders of their communities due to utilization of community partners, along with quantitative and qualitative methods from the Washitaw-Choctaw Department of Education/Moorish State University. The Moorish State University will educate community members across the diaspora on how to become self-sufficient and confident in protecting their personal and professional interests.

The Bureau of Moorish Affairs/Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona strives itself on educating members on why they are insufficient in addressing political and social concerns, misnomers that are allowing members to be abused and misused and the solution they can use to end all deprivation of protection of rights, immunities and how to restore themselves, our nation, and rightfully take their place among the affairs of men.

The Bureau of Moorish Affairs is an instrumentality  agency under the Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Tribe (Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona), not to be confused with any other Moorish Science Temple or Moorish group. The Bureau of Moorish Affairs/Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona’s capital location is in Phoenix, AZ under the leadership of our Honorable Chieftain Johnny-Ray Walls-Bey, Sharif. The Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band  of Arizona (Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Tribe) is a friendly tribal nation of the United States of America and is the ancient Republic of the Northwestern and Southwestern shores of Africa (AmeriTa Republic).

on November 20th, 2020, The Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona voted to amend the Tribal Government name from Moorish American National Republic State to  Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona. This was done to remove any confusion and/or association with Moorish Science Temples or so called Moorish groups, as we are a Native-American Tribe and Tribal Organization.

The Bureau of Moorish Affairs does not assist anyone with so called MSTA nationalization/naturalization. **NOTICE** Please do not contact us about any Moorish Science Temple Issues, as we are not affiliated with any Moorish Science Temple.

The Bureau of Moorish Affairs and The Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona pays tribute and respect to all Divine Prophets and leaders, and thus pays homage to the Honorable Noble Drew Ali (this does not make us Moorish Science Temple).

Before contacting the the Bureau, please make sure you take the time to read the website.

Our History

A holy covenant of the asiatic washitaw-choctaw nation ye are the children of one father, provided for by his care, and the breast of one mother hath given you suck.

Let the bonds of affection, therefore, unite thee with thy brothers, that peace and happiness may dwell in thy father’s house.

And when ye separate in the world, remember the relation that bindeth you to love and unity; and prefer not a stranger to thy own blood.

If they brother is in adversity, assist him; if they sister is in trouble, forsake her not.
So shall the fortunes of thy father contribute to the support of his whole race; and his care be continued to you all, in love to each other.
-Noble Drew Ali



The Bureau of Moorish Affairs was born through the vision of the mighty Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Chiefs, and guided by our Divine Ancestors and the last Prophet of these days and times, The Honorable Prophet Noble Drew Ali, who in the year 1913 in Newark, New Jersey when the Prophet formed  the Canaanite Temple and started teaching Freedmen, and Indigenous people law and science of the universe. 


Pierre Le Moyne d’lberville recorded the first direct contact with the Washitaw-Choctaw.

The Washitaw-Chcotaw, along with other Native American tribes, had formed a relationship with New France, French Louisiana.




The Waco Indians (Wichita/Washitaw Indians) are the Quainco on Guillaume de L’Isle’s 1718 map, Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississipi.




Waco Indians (Muurs) were a branch of the Wichita (Washitaw Indian Tribe). Wacos (also referred to as Huecos) domiciled on Brazos near present day Waco, Texas.

Waco Indians are also caleed Iscani or Yscani in the early European reports, kinsmens to the Tawakoni People.

Present day Waco, Texas is located on the site of Wacos Indians principal village, which stood until 1820.




French explore Jean-Baptiste Benard de la Harpe travelled the region of the people he called the Honecha/Houecha in 1719, which are the Waco Indians (Witchita /Washitaw Indians).




During 1730, after many wars with the colony of France (the French) the Natchez were defreated and dispersed. Majority of the Natchez survivors were sold into slavery by the French in the West Indies; many Natchez took refuge with other tribes; Muskgean Chickasaw, Creek, Washitaw, Choctaw, and the Iroquoian speaking Cherokee tribes.

The Natchez Indians are also known as the “Sun set Indians” as recorded in 1797 gazetteer.

Natchez Indians are majorly known for being one,if the only Mississippian culture tirbes with a complex chiefdom system, which survived long into the European colonization period after the Europeans started to colonize America.

Natchez Indians have an unusual social class system of nobility and exogamous marriage pratices.  Natchez Indians have a matrilineal kinship soceity, with descent reckoned along female lines.

The paramount Chief named the Great Sun, was always the son of the Femaile Sun. The son’s daughter would be the mother of the next Great Sun. This was to ensure that the Chiefdom stayed under the control of the single lineage. 




Wichita (Washitaw) is the name of several bands of peoples who domicile in present day Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona, and along the Red River in Texas, Nocona.




Wichita (Washitaw) people are hunters and farmers who prospered during the Spanish and Mexican (Montezuma) period, acting as liaisons in a lucrative trade bewteen the Comanches and Europeans of Louisiana.




Wichita (Washitaw) people participated in the Comanche-led raid on the mission Santa Cruz de San Saba in 1758 and raided San Antonio, Texas. Descendants of this raid settled near present day Andarko, Oklahoma and Arizona.




On October 1785, Taboca, a Washitaw-Choctaw Prophet and Chieftain, led over 125 Washitaw-Choctaw to the Keowee, near Seneca Old Town, now commonly known as Hopewell, South Carolina.

Where U.S. representatives were to engage in high Washitaw-Choctaw  ceremonial symbolism, smoking and dancing.

Washitaw-Choctaw diplomacy was revealed to be a serious and complex nature.  The Washitaw-Choctaw explained that the bald eagle, who has direct contact with the upper world of the sun, is a symbol of peace.

U.S. representatives learned smoking sealed the agreements between peoples, and the shared pipes sanctified peace between the two nations.



On January 3rd, 1786, the Treaty of Hopewell  was signed.

Article 11 stated,” The hatchet bshall be forever buried, and peace given by the United States of America, and friendship re-established between the said states on one part, and all the Washitaw-Choctaw nation on the other part, shall be universial, and the contracting parties shall use their utmost endeavors to maintain the peace given as aforesaid, and friendship re-established.

The Treaty required borderlines to be establised between the United States and Washitaw-Choctaw Nation.



On October 18th, 1820, the Treaty of Doak’s Stand was signed.

Article 4,” The boundaries hereby established between the Washitaw-Choctaw Indians and the United States, on this side of the Mississppi river, shall remain without alteration until the period at which said nation (Washitaw-Choctaw Nation) shall become so civilized and enlightened as to be made citizens of the United States…



On January 10th, 1825, the Treaty of Washington City was signed.

Washitaw-Choctaw chieftains ceded more territory to the United States.




June 30th, 1830 President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Bill legislation into law, having passed the Senate by  a vote of 28 to 19, the House by 102 to 97.

The Indian Removal Bill, allowed President Andrew Jackson to turn his focus on the Washitaw-Choctaw in the  Mississippi territory.

on September 27, 1830, the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was signed.  The siging of this Treaty represented one of the largest transfers of land signed between the U.S. government and a Tribal Nation without warfare.

Article 14 of the treaty allowed over 1300 Washitaw-Choctaws to remain in Mississippi.

Article 22 sought to place Washitaw-Choctaw representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives.


In 1835, 1846, and 1872, the Waco Tribe (Wichita/Washitaw) signed treatiess with the United States.


A significant number of Indigenous People of the America relocated from the Southeastern United States to Indian Territory, West of the Mississippi.

The inhabitants of the eastern part of the Indian Territory (Indian Country), the Five Civilized Tribes, were suzerain nations with established tribal governments, well establisged cultures, legal systems. Prior to European Contact tribes were matriarchial societies, consisting of agriculture being the primary source of economic pursuit.



After the civil war majority of the Reconstruction Treaties were titled with the phrase “Treaty of Washington” these treaties were to replace treaties that were voided when tribes signed treaties with the Confederacy. 

Majority of these treaties were signed at Fort Smith conference. The Five Civilized Tribes agreed to draft treaties.

Washitaw-Choctaw signed its Treaty of Washington April 28th, 1866. said treaty was signed into law July 10th, 1866.

The Chickasaw and Choctaw signed the Chickasaw and Choctaw Treaty of Washington: July 10th, 1866.

All the treaties contained:

amnesty for all crimes committed against the United States prior to the treaties.

Included specific provisions of peace and friendship toward the United States.

Clausestating that no federal legislation could interfere with their tribal organization.

Freedman Tribal Rights

Washitaw-Choctaw treaty gave freedmen choice of being adopted into their nations or being removed by the federal government. 


The Treaty of 1872 established a reservation in Indian Territory, to which the Tribe was removed.


1902, under the Dawes Alloment Act, saw that reservation land would be broken into individual allotments. Today, the Tribe is apart of the Wichita (Washitaw) and affiliated Tribes.


In 1923, the Cheerokee Prophet moved to Chicago, Illinois where he organized a group under the name of The Moorish Temple of Science #1. On November 29, 1926 Prophet Noble Drew Ali incorporated Temple #1 using the Religious Corporation laws of the State of Illinois’s Hurd’s Revised Statutes 805ILCS 110 Religious Corporation Act. It was recorded as a lawfully Chartered, non-profit organization under File No. 13597.

In 1926, the Canaanite Temple in Newark, New Jersey amended its name to the Moorish Temple of Science #10.

On May 21, 1928 Prophet Noble Drew Ali amended the corporate name of the Illinois Temple from the Moorish Temple of Science to the Moorish Science Temple of America.


Upon the IRA (Indian Reorganization Act) of 1934 being signed into law, the Washitaw-Choctaw Nation reconstituted their government.

Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Moors are the first Native American codetalkers during World War 1, using Washitaw-Choctaw language.


In 1940, Richardson Dingle-EL and Timothy Dingle-EL thru the Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s Bureau of Moorish Affairs established a lawful registration Bureau to record and register Naturalized Washitaw-Choctaw Indians, thus placing their Nationality on the record with the Federal Government United States of America- File No. 5-39 National Archives. Richardson Dingle-EL created history when he was the first person to become naturalized through the U.S. Department of Defense, thus removing the shackles of negroism/colorism and restoring his tribal partenage, nationality and identity.


In 1940, an agreement was signed between the Department of Denfense, Department of the Treasury, Social Security Administration, Justice Department, War Department, Bureau of Indian Affairs-Department of the Interior and the Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Tribe, Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona. Signed in 1944 by then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.


On May 19, 1977, the American Idnian Policy Review Commission Final Report Volume 1, Chapter 11, Page 468 federally ackowledged and recognized the existence of the Washitaw-Choctaw Communities of Mobile and Washington Counties which are along the Tombigbee and Mobile Rivers where Washitaw-Choctaw Treaties were negotiated in various Washitaw-Choctaw Treaties.



In 1978, the U.S. Supreme Court held that all remanats of the Choctaw Nation (Washitaw-Choctaw Nation) are entitled to all rights of the federally recognized Nation.



In 1997, the Bureau of Moorish Affairs was established as a its own Government Agency to make way for a Moorish State University  so that All Washitaw-Choctaw Indians (Muurs) and Europeans alike may learn adequate History, Legality, Business, Trades, Treay, Tribal and Constitutional law.


In 2018, The Bureau of Moorish Affairs/Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona was reorganized under the guidance of Johnny Ray Walls-Bey, Chieftain and Sharif of the Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Tribe. The Washitaw-Choctaw Nation Department of Education created a University (Moorish State University) updating the curriculum to meet today times, teaching members their true Divine origins, business, law, and trades.

To learn more about the history of The Bureau of Moorish Affairs, please click on these links:

Founding Principles

The Bureau of Moorish Affairs was born through the vision of the Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Tribes Chieftains, Warriors, Prophets and the  last Prophet of these days and times, The Honorable Prophet Noble Drew Ali, in the year 1913, in Newark, New Jersey. In 1997, the Bureau of Moorish Affairs/Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona was established as a its own Tribal Government Agency to make way for Moorish State University so that all Washitaw-Choctaw Indians and Europeans alike may learn adequate history, legality, business, trades, and proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln, the 13th Amendment with 20 sections, and Hebrew Codes in law which support our lawful Constitutional Processes.

On this page, you will find link to the Founding Principles that guide The Bureau of Moorish Affairs/Washitaw-Choctaw Indian Band of Arizona.